SL. Title Date Files
1. IPO Note on eGeneration Limited 22-Feb-2021 Download Now
2. IPO Note on Taufika Foods and Agro Industries Limited 09-Feb-2021 Download Now
3. Mir Akhter Hossain Limited IPO Note 01-Feb-2021 Download Now
4. IPO Note on Energypac Power Generation Limited 18-Jan-2021 Download Now
5. IPO Note on Robi Axiata Limited 24-Dec-2020 Download Now
6. IPO Note on Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited 22-Sep-2020 Download Now
7. IPO Note on ADN Telecom Limited 05-Jan-2020 Download Now
8. IPO Note on Ring Shine Textiles Limited 11-Dec-2019 Download Now
9. IPO Note on Coppertech Industried Limited 04-Aug-2019 Download Now
10. IPO Note on Sea Pearl Beach Resort and Spa Limited 15-Jul-2019 Download Now
11. IPO Note on Silco Pharmaceuticals Limited 12-Jun-2019 Download Now
12. IPO Note on New Line Clothings Limited 27-May-2019 Download Now
13. IPO Note on Runner Automobiles Limited 20-May-2019 Download Now
14. IPO Note on Esquire Knit Composite Limited 07-Apr-2019 Download Now
15. IPO Note on Genex Infosys Limited 05-Feb-2019 Download Now
16. IPO Note on S.S. Steel Limited 16-Jan-2019 Download Now